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Body Treatments

  • Airbrush Tanning

    Get a beautiful, healthy tan or just a light and natural-looking color! Our formula is non-sticky, non-streaking and leaves the skin with a long-lasting, gorgeous color.  We offer a complete body treatment that includes exfoliation followed by an application of our product, or the application alone for the entire body.

    • $53 Single Tan

Massage Services

  • Swedish

    A classic European full body treatment using gentle to firm pressure applied in long rolling strokes. It is designed to promote relaxation, improve circulation, relieve muscle tension and reduce stress.

    • $7960 minutes
    • $10590 minutes
    • $74 Senior60 minutes
  • Therapeutic

    An excellent therapy to ease chronic pain and discomfort: Using trigger point therapy, this neuromuscular treatment relieves tension and stiffness.

    • $9560 minutes
    • $13790 minutes
  • Pregnancy

    With the expecting mother in mind: This treatment is specialized for the mom-to-be with the use of our custom designed pregnancy pillows. Mom can comfortably relieve stress, joint pain, neck and back discomfort and edema.

    • $8460 minutes
  • Zone

    A table massage targeting a specific area that needs attention, such as the neck, shoulders and back. Enjoy all the benefits of a deep tissue in half the time.

    • $4730 minutes