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ClubFitness is our new 5300 sq. ft. expansion, located directly above our spa. ClubFitness is a fully supervised workout facility. Services include private personal training sessions, monthly memberships, Pilates and Kickboxing, Tai Chi and Yoga classes. Our trained, professional staff caters to all fitness levels.

Personal Fitness Training

All sessions conducted in private, fully-equipped training rooms. Designed for individuals looking for one-on-one personal fitness instruction. Available in 4, 8, 12 and 18 session packages.

Managed Fitness Training

This is the ideal weight–loss training program that offers “A Plan” and “Accountability”. A cost effective monthly program designed for the self-motivated individual.

Group Classes

Beginner Yoga, Beginner Tai Chi, Stretching and Resistance classes are offered. All classes are limited to only 8 students to provide close supervision and ensure safe exercise execution.

Pilates (Reformer)

An exercise modality offering resistance training, flexibility and core work all in the same routine. Suitable for all fitness levels. Wonderful for arthritic joints, older population and re-hab work. Small classes with 3-4 students are held twice weekly.

Inversion Therapy

Designed to relieve the compressional forces on our spinal vertebrae. Helps relieve lower back pain.

Weight Loss & Nutrition

Post Rehabilitation Programs

Golf Lesson Training